Saturday, April 3, 2010

While everyone else was...

While everyone else spent their day doing a variety of good things, 15 men gathered at Grace, from 12-3 and went over the final details of the service. We are utilizing a pretty significant dramatic scene that requires great detail to execute.

People have spent hours rigging zip lines, building props, configuring cameras, syncing lights, ripping videos, securing harnesses, and much more.

The photo above captures one of the scenes from our Easter Message, called FOUND!

A big shout-out to Craig, Neil, David, Darin, Rob, Jon, Dave, Chris, Scott, Jeff, Jeff, Tony, Jeremy, Miah, Jake and Brent! May God bless you in unusual ways this week.

As we wrapped things up, I reminded the guys that every single thing they are doing helps set the stage, for people to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

We did our part God, now we need you to come through in a huge way or everything will fall apart! Please Jesus, take this moment and use it to point many people to you!


Travis Miner said...

I love how you guys go ALL OUT to reach the lost! I am praying that HUNDREDS of people will punch their ticket for an eternity in paradise tomorrow at Grace!!!

Jim Brown said...

God blew us away Travis 150 people made decisions to trust Jesus