Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Reflections

One of my goals this year is to celebrate more. It is so easy for me to move on to the next event, project, issue, or whatever, and not take time to stop and reflect.

But how in the world do you wrap your mind around this weekend? I will try...

2783 people attended our services on Sunday. That means they heard the Gospel in a clear way.
150 people made decisions to step out in faith and trust Jesus as Lord and Savior!
Thousands of people showed up for our Easter Egg Hunt

Just look at the young man above who stepped out in Faith and trusted Jesus! If that doesn't juice you up then something is wrong.

Each person that took the lifeline that was stretched out in the auditorium, was then greeted by me and followers of Jesus with a grand celebration. The band led us in Oh Happy Day, by the Fee Band, and we just rocked the place with our praise to God.

As I stood on our property during the Easter egg hunt afterwards, I commented to my wife Anne this thought, it's so hard to believe that this is our church. Never in a million years should someone get to experience what I do as a pastor. Where people serve, love, and do whatever it takes to get the Gospel out there.

Grace Community you flat out rock, and I am proud to be your pastor!

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Dana said...

And we are sooooo very proud to call you our pastor. A truly deeply inspiring message as you poured your heart and God's love into each and every one of us on Sunday and the angels danced in heaven 150 moretimes!