Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Communication is vital when trying to deliver a message of hope. There are many great communicators in our world, and many that do it a lot better than I do.

As a communicator one must work hard at delivering the message in a way that helps the audience remember the message.

I believe that props/visual illustrations help drive home the truth. I believe as I read the accounts of Jesus in The New Testament that he probably used props too. I can picture him holding something in his hand or pointing to an object as he communicated.

I can still recall messages where someone held up an object and used it to drive home a point.

I have used many props over the years and out of curiosity I'll ask this question. What is the most recent prop that was used that helped you remember a truth?


MarlaMae said...

The the salad ("if I eat this salad, I can eat this WHATEVER"!!!!) The first one I remember from 6 years ago was the tent on the stage with you in it using a flashlight (shine your light in the darkest places) and I loved the spray can ("life is just a vapor"). Your teaching style is perfect for the likes of me (and lots of other folks I know!!!) Keep up the good work, Jim--I just know you make God smile--ALOT!!!

Northridgemomx2 said...

I would say the swiss cake roll and diet coke, the salad and dressing, the big mac, and of course watching you try and light a cigarette made a huge impact on my family to get healthy. My children spread your gospel through our family and friends and I believe that they enjoy your sermons as much as I do. We look forward to hearing you speak every Sunday with such compassion and love for your congregation and GOD.