Thursday, May 6, 2010

Winning Team finished 2nd

So, we kicked off our 1st Wednesdays at Grace last night. Man, it was a hoot as cars piled in, and cranked out their grills, and hung out. People connected, Corn hole Tourneys, Volleyball, Food, Water guns, and lots of Fun.

We started at 5:45 and people hung out until 8:30 PM. My family enjoyed it!

So, Jon and I were teammates for the corn hole tourney. Each team had to register and give their team a name. So I named our team "Winning Team." We played valiantly and knocked off all on comers until the championship game, in which a team decided to register their team as "The Winning Team."

They kicked our butts, but since they already had corn hole boards of their own. And they have been practicing on them for the last 365 days before playing us. They decided to give us the 1st place prize, which was these really cool boards. So, 2nd place wasn't that bad for "winning team."

Another Brown captured the championship for the kids division. Check out that honking trophy. Every man's dream trophy!

It was a great night and lots of good times were had.
But, watch out next month on the 1st Wednesday, because Jon and I now have our own boards and we will be practicing. Oh Yeah, Pastor Jeremy and Eric Lemmon were the Champs, but the next time around I'll be sure to put "THE" in front of our team name.

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