Sunday, May 16, 2010

where it all began

To all of the Starbucks fans out there, this is where it all began. Imagine someone had a dream to sell coffee here and now it is all over the world. I'm inspired by these kind of stories.

Nothing extra special about this place, just good coffee and great marketing.

We walked down to the market and purchased some fresh salmon. One of the men on the board lives in Seattle and we had supper at his home. He grilled some salmon for us and it was off the charts, good.

This morning we worshipped at Mars Hill Church and were able to meet with two of the pastors on staff. It was a great worship experience and so refreshing to hear the story of how God has worked here. Mark Driscoll is the pastor here.
We ate lunch with the lead pastor of Mars Hill, and Jon and I were able to ask him many questions about ministry. Great meetings so far and a great day seeing the inside of Mars Hill.
Seattle is a beautiful place, yet very liberal and it so good to see how this church is advancing the Kingdom for Jesus. They definitely are a bright light here.

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