Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walking where we have never walked before

There are so many good seasons of life that I have been through. This is another step into uncharted territory for me.

Next Friday night, my son graduates from Fairfield High School. Anne and I are beginning to feel the weight of this event, as it draws closer. We have a busy couple of weeks in front of us, but we look forward to this new stage for Josh.

I get to be the speaker at his baccalaureate service, and Josh gets to speak at his graduation, as he is one of the valedictorians. We get to release him and watch him fly. We are so proud of him and look forward to his future steps. I know we will feel some heavy emotions this summer, as he heads off to Grace College, yet we don't have to do it alone!

By the way you are invited to Josh's open house too. Saturday May 29th 2-5 PM at our house.

As a side note, my daughter Hannah, was the graphic designer of this invitation.


Sunshine said...

Good Job Hannah!

Beth said...

wow ... time does fly! Such a great invitation we all loved it.. hannah is one talented girl!! :) wish we could be there but will be there in spirt!!

Jamie said...

Jimmy, Exciting and emotional times. Wait till you drive away from college that first time. Whew. But you know as well as me, "it's all good." Excited for you lil' Brother. Enjoy the ride. Love you. Jamie

Dana said...

Congrats, Josh! Can't wait to see where God leads you! Hannah, awesome invitations. Jim & Anne....don't worry....you only cry for about 2 months when the first one leaves, 2 weeks after the second one and.....woo hoo!!!! after the last birdie flies the nest:)

Jim Brown said...

thanks guys for your thoughts and I have passed on to Hannah your praises for her artwork!