Monday, June 14, 2010

A Blessing from Heaven for Hannah

Every Father longs to see his daughter receive things that are over-the-top. Hannah is a model child, she loves Jesus, loves others and never complains about anything. She has the ability to adjust to any life situation.

Just recently we began looking for a car for her, as Josh heads off for college. My desire was to get a vehicle with the money she had saved and we had saved too. So we didn't have a large sum set away.

We began praying more seriously these last couple of weeks for a vehicle. Then it happened out of nowhere, God spoke to a couple ( Jeff and Leslie Tinsley) who attend Grace Community and they approached us yesterday. He asked if we were looking for a car for Hannah. I said yes and he asked us to stop by today.

In the garage set this 1993 mustang convertible that has never seen snow, spotless, not driven since 2007, only 90,000 miles and showroom quality.

Jeff then shared, that he felt led by God, to sell it to Hannah. And they sold it to us at an unbelievable price. Only God can do these kind of things for his kids.

I must admit that I shed a few tears, as I watched Hannah grin we she found out we were going to buy it. I am so excited for my daughter, and grateful that God allowed her to receive such a sweet ride. Anne and I are still grinning for Hannah.

Hannah's words as she headed off for work tonight were these," Dad, how in the world am I going to be able to focus when I know in our garage is a new mustang?"


Jamie said...

Oh, that just brings tears to my eyes. I am ELATED for you guys. This is how God speaks to people. God Bless the Tinsleys for sharing their blessings. We have families in our church who do the same thing. They are blessed and then they share with others. Congrats Hannah! I send my love to my family in Indiana from good ole WV! (GO TERPS!)

J said...

So the real questions, has she gotten to drive it yet, doest it still stay in the garage (meaning dear old dad's truck get's ejected), and have you and Anne taken it for a cruise?

Jim Brown said...

She drove it last night after we plated it. Plans are under way to make room for a mustang and boot the jeep out!