Friday, June 4, 2010

Get the Man... Change the World

You do not have to look very hard across the landscape, to see that men have fled the church. Strategist call it man-flight.

That bothers me, especially when the Gospel can change people's lives. We are commanded to go take the good news to everyone. So should we just ignore the facts and hope for the best? I don't think so.

I long to see men passionately in love with Jesus, leading and loving their families. I long to see husbands becoming tender warriors as husbands and fathers. I long to see young men unashamedly standing up for Jesus.

Here is my belief: If the man becomes the spiritual leader, the family is reached, the community is reached, the world is reached.

So we make no qualms about the fact that we are targeting men in our next outreach called, DADFEST. We are going all out for this big day.

We are giving away this motorcycle, a Honda Shadow 750cc to one dude, 18 or older. This service will be one for the records, as it will include a pre-service motorcycle run, a bike blessing, inspiring worship, a challenging evangelistic message, picnic afterwards, bike games, dad competitions, all outside under the sun, in one large massive service.

Here is what I am praying, that Jesus will unlock the hearts of men who have either walked away, been resistant, or never heard of the life-changing Gospel story. I am praying for a Pentecost to take place on that Sunday morning.

So would you pray, and ask Jesus to be glorified, magnified and honored by this outreach!

Go to and click on the DadFest button for more details.

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