Friday, July 9, 2010

Just One

High Five Sports Camp is winding down tonight. Our Camp is loaded with 100's of kids. Our Campers have choices of Basketball, Soccer, or Cheerleading. Our Campus is packed full of amazing volunteers.

Last Night, I walked around and snapped off some pictures and I walked over to the soccer fields. While there, I saw Ethan Rauch, I just love this kid. His head was sweaty, veins popping out of his neck, and fully engaged in the game. When I saw him I yelled, go Ethan! Immediately he said, I scored five goals, Pastor Jim!

Just a few seconds later, Luke Carpenter is coaching him from the corner, and telling him he only gets one kick, and someone else has to kick it. Lets just say this was a good teachable moment. I watched the corner kick and Ethan kicked and kicked and kicked again. I loved every second of it. The Kid is like his daddy, Jon, he just wants to win!

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