Thursday, July 8, 2010

Isaiah's Golf Tourney

This morning Isaiah played in his first Jr.Golf Tournament. His match was in Middlebury at Sims Oak Hills. It was a hoot following him around the course.

He loves the game of golf and enjoyed the round today. The boys pictured with him were part of his threesome. He finished 4th overall in the 10-11 year old age group.

The game of golf has so many good things to prepare you for life. He played much better then his score reflects. While he didn't putt real well today his attitude and responses to each shot was impeccable! But I must say he busted his drives and every hole he was 30-40 yards farther off the tee. And I am so proud of him and what a great start for an 11 year old kid.

Oh yeah, on the way home he called his grandfather to talk about his first tourney and I said tell him you're the next Phil Mickelson, and he said, "no I'm going to be Isaiah Brown and make a name for myself!" Now you got to like that kind of thinking.


Dana said...

Love, love, love that boy!:) You go Isaiah Brown!

Jamie said...

That's my Zayers!!! Congrats Buddy!!