Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Last One

You've been here before. The very last donut in the box. And in this case a Cinnamon one from Rise and Roll bakery in Middlebury. Without a doubt it is the best donut on planet earth, it even tops donuts from Krumpees in Hagerstown Maryland.

As it sits there, it is screaming; you want me, you need me, it will taste so good, it won't hurt that bad if you eat another one, you can skip lunch to make up for it.

That was the dilemma I faced this morning, as I opened the lid to see if any were left. In my house it is not uncommon to find an empty box. So I walked through the reasons why I shouldn't eat it, they seemed noble, good, and wise.

So this time I said no, but as I remember back now to this morning, I wish I would have eaten it. Good thing I'm in my office now. But, that is the lure of temptation! It sends a signal that everything is good about its offer, yet the consequences can be lethal. Just glad I said no, but there will be more offers in the days ahead. Watch out for boxes with the last one, last chance, and last offer, they can derail you!

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Andy Jewett said...

As an emotional eater I can say without any hesitation that the food we binge on never tastes good enough and never satisfies enough to cover over the intense guilt and sadness that follows giving into temptation.

Such a profound truth, God has no desire to see us fail.