Friday, August 27, 2010

Call me old fashioned...

Call me old fashioned but I don't care. You see I still believe that vows mean something. I still believe that it is possible to stay in love with one woman. I still believe that marriage can be over-the-top good with the wife of your youth!

I still believe that the girl that caught your eye and gave you goosebumps can still do that 22 years later. I still believe that through trials, hardships, incredible good times, fun times, that loves deepens. I still believe that after 3 amazing kids, 4years of college, 3 years of grad school, 2 years of Doctorate study and 14 years of being the senior pastor of Grace Community Church that a couple can bond deeper than anyone thought possible.

You see I believe that the woman I made a vow to, before God, is more beautiful inside and out today than she was the first time she caught my eye!

Looking forward to growing old with you honey! Happy anniversary! Jim


Andy Jewett said...


Anonymous said...

I love you, Jimmy Brown, who made me a Brown! :) ...and the thoughts expressed here are part of the reason.

Jason said...

I agree 100%. You are a great example. You don't only talk about it but you live it.

Love you bro,