Friday, August 6, 2010

Takin it back

It wasn't long ago that this piece of property was controlled by evil men and the blood thirsty Khmer Rouge. In my lifetime an evil ruler, Pol Pot, murdered 1 million innocent people. There are monuments in Cambodia filled with skulls of his victims. There is a place called the Killing Fields where many were slaughtered.

Cambodia has struggled to get back on its feet since then. The country is ravished in poverty, human sex slavery and lost-ness. It is also home to thousands of orphans. About 3 years ago Grace Community rescued 40 children from this carnage. Our kids now have hope and a future!

Just last week, we helped purchase this land that borders the property, where Asia's Hope has constructed orphan homes. Now at least 3 more homes can be built, along with a recreation field, for kids to play. In 4 weeks, I get to walk on this property and thank the LORD for his goodness. What was once used for evil will now be taken back and used for good. Now that just stokes my fire!

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