Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This word drives me and keeps me awake at night. It is the word every dad loves to hear. It is the word I get to hear in the states and I love it. It is the word when yelled in a crowd at a ball park, that every dad turns immediately to see if it is their child. It is the word that is universal. Every child wants their daddy to watch them and to pick them out of a crowd.

As I walked the streets earlier this week in Phnom Penh, it was as if I could hear the children screaming out, for a daddy to rescue them from the atrocities they find themselves in. It was as if I could literally hear them


That is why I spent the day time at a water park, with these precious kids. And while I was there, they kept saying Daddy I love you, Daddy watch me, Daddy come, Daddy I miss you.
It felt so good to answer that call today for children who have waited 10 months to gain the attention of a dad. A good day for a dad, who misses his own kids, yet stood in the gap for some other precious kids!

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MarlaMae said...

Now THAT is a picture of pure joy! Good job, Dad!!