Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nothing can prepare you for this

As we pulled away from our children in Cambodia, it was as if my heart was flayed wide open. Nothing can prepare you for this moment. You would think, that this being my 3rd time at this, that it would be easier. Yet, it isn't.

But, as the kids wailed, yes wailed, and tears flowed freely, my heart was full of joy, because I knew we would see them again. You see, it wasn't good-bye it was see you later.

The van was completely silent as we drove away, not one single person spoke, as we felt this tsunami of emotion. But, deep down below the veneer of pain was a spring of hope, joy, and deep satisfaction that every parent out there understands. Because we knew our kids were in good hands.

Something happens to a person when they cry, it leaves them vulnerable, open, and quite-frankly cleansed. Cleansed from the callousness that the world stacks on them, purified from the need to control their lives, free from the pride that leaves them cold and unnaproachable, and more open to the redemptive heart that Jesus worked so hard at giving them.

The tears I wept were good for my soul, they make me a better husband, father, pastor, follower of Jesus Christ! Thanks God for these kind of life-altering moments!

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rich yauger said...

Oh, man. I'm crying just looking at that picture.