Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Night reflections

I had this feeling, as I was preparing for this message this week that God was up to something really special. It hard to describe how you know it before hand, but after 15 years of prepping for messages, you begin to see God at work way before the weekend.

We are in a series called "5 more lies of Satan" and I knew that the lie we were going to debunk today was more prevalent then most realized. You see, just last weekend as I stood in a valley on a mountaintop with men, God made it clear to me what needed to be spoken today. The lie "I'm the only one with this sin."

So as we prepared for the weekend as a staff, we felt like God wanted us to do more then come and kneel and confess our sins. We knew he wanted us to do something symbolic. So, I spoke clearly on repentance, and confession, and invited people to come and write their secret sins on a piece of paper, and toss it into a metal tub. I then would take them outside and burn them.

So, as we were singing I walked outside and dumped them into a hot fire. I found myself blown away, by what God did. People flooded to the altars in both auditoriums and were set free. The video was placed behind the last song as people sang and they watched the ashes drift away. I had no idea that this photo was being snapped, as I knelt and prayed. This was a Sunday that people will look back on the rest of their lives! Praise God that Satan was defeated and truth surfaced today!

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