Monday, November 1, 2010

Down Time

Plain and simple, rest is a God-created thing that is under-rated... In a world where achievers are rewarded, honored, sainted, and poster-ized, rest and down time too often gets shoved aside.

In order for us to operate at optimum form, we must give our body, soul, and mind a chance to refresh itself. Yet, there never seems to be a good time to do it. So onward we press, charge, march at break-neck pace, only to find a trail of splinters along the way. All because we believe that the best stay on top, by sleeping less, working harder, achieving more, and living life at a frantic pace.

I beg to differ, I am one of those over-achievers who runs like a cat on catnip. I know what it is like to win, to be the only one left standing. But, I also know that the key to success is follow the example set by my Awesome Savior, who took time after a hard week's work and simply rested!

Well, you might be surprised how good it feels to pull away, every once in a while and shut down the normal merry-go-round, and go to that empty box. My rest produced the walking sticks above. I know that they won't make it to any art gallery. But the conversations around the fire with my family and friends, along with some really good hot coffee, and the savory smell of smoke on all of my clothes, will be etched in my refreshment tank forever! Plus, this weekend will be the one my family talks about, way after I pass away.

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