Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shout out for Grace College

This morning I received this hat in the mail! It is the team hat for Grace College's baseball team in Winona Lake. My son is a freshman at Grace this year and is playing baseball.

But just for the record, I am a Grace Graduate, a BA in Biblical Studies and a MDiv from Seminary. My wife Anne graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Grace and we met while students there and later married.

So when my son began to look for colleges, Grace was one of his choices, with a few other states schools. He finally decided on Grace and we are thrilled that he did. I am grateful that Grace is more than a great academic institution. You see Grace also offers the chance for my son to flourish spiritually and will strengthen his leadership skills and lets him participate in a collegiate sport.

But more importantly, I know that these four years will equip and prepare him for the next stage of life. I am a better pastor, father, leader and husband because of my training at Grace!

I love Grace, and would proudly wear their clothing that might arrive in the mail!

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Sarah said...

Yeah Grace College! My life is changed and enriched because of my time at GC!!