Wednesday, November 17, 2010


25 years ago in a Healthy Lifestyles class at Grace College, Dr. Johnson told me that the heart was a muscle, and that it could be strengthened through exercise. Since then I began a journey of regular exercise and it has made a great difference in my life.

I'm always convicted by Paul's writing in 1Corinthians when he tells us that the body is the temple for God. One of my many passions and desires has been to give Jesus the cleanest and healthiest body to live in. I long to see followers of Jesus take this seriously too.

This area is usually an area that gets de-prioritized and often dismissed, yet the Living God lives in us. As Christians we have an unfair advantage since God lives in us, yet we often limit what God wants to do through us because of poor health. What if the only thing that limited us outside of God's intervention was skill and talent? What if we were able to perform at the capacity that God intended us to?

Our energy levels are often depleted so we settle for artificial supplements like the ones above in the photo. To drive this point home I drank a monster drink during all three services on Sunday. Ask my wife what happened to me? Put a good health plan in order today, Jesus deserves it!

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