Tuesday, November 16, 2010

17 stitches later

This morning during our staff basketball game I walked away with this deep cut. No I didn't get an upper cut from any of my guys, actually I watched Pastor Jon hit a 3 and passed out.

Actually I did fall after blacking out and fell head first with no hands to stop me. I woke up seconds later in a pool of blood and not remembering how I got there. 17 stitches later and a slight concussion I feel better.

Some have said it must have been the crash from the monster drinks on Sunday. I will find our more next week when I do some lab work, most likely I had a low sugar count. But I will have a monster black eye.

Doc Boyts did his magic on my eye and gave me some restrictions for a couple of weeks. At least I can still workout on a bike, but no running for now. Most of the staff is trying to take credit for the shiner.
It gave me a chance to once again thank Jesus for the good health that I experience. Healing up for now!


jen said...

I think what really happened was that Pastor Jon finally got even for all those 'Man Purse' comments in the past lol

MarlaMae said...

So sorry you're hurt, Jim--extra prayers for you! Take care, dear one, and listen to Doc Boyts. Hugs...