Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's what I always dreamed it would be

I really love to pray, it is my constant communication with God. Over the years, I have witnessed God come through in so many incredible ways as a result of prayer.

One of my greatest desires for Grace Community is for us to be a praying church. I have always longed that our Wednesday Night Prayer Encounter would be overflowing with people praying. Well, truth be known, it is happening.

So much more is happening too in this room, relationships are deepening, bonds with one another are growing, and our faith is growing week after week.

In this picture, which is only one corner of the room, real life is unfolding. A person just got off of home arrest, a mom is feeling the kicks of her baby,a mom recently gave birth, a person's marriage is more alive then ever, a job promotion just took place, the list goes on...

At the heart of any revival is a praying church...

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