Friday, November 12, 2010

Now all I can do is wait

For as long as I can remember, I have spent time in the woods hunting deer. It goes way back to the time when my step-dad and I laced up our boots and drove to the mountains of Maryland. I have spent countless hours in the woods scouting, watching, looking for signs of deer. I love every minute of this venture. It takes me back to the early mornings with my Dad and all the conversations we had together.

So here I am again, the day before the big morning. I have scouted, taken pictures, placed deer stands all over the place, and spent many hours with God in the woods. Now all that is left is the big wait. The anxious thoughts fill my mind, wondering if tomorrow will be the big day for Isaiah and me.
I have done everything I can do to be ready, even dreamed about a few big bucks. I have done my homework and prepped for the big day. My hope is that my son drops a buck before I do, so that he can experience the thrill and rewards of preparation. So if you hear a shout from a woods north of New Paris tomorrow morning, it might be that of an 11 year old boy, standing over his first buck. All that is left now, is to wait, but I am waiting quickly!

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