Friday, November 19, 2010

my hippocampus

Okay I know that is a big word, and I had to look it up to make sure I spelled it correctly... And maybe some of you were hoping for a picture of a hippo...But it is the part of the brain responsible for remembering and processing spatial information.

Our brains have the capacity to learn something new every hour of every day for the next 300 million years. Short and sweet is this, we can continue to learn for the rest of our lives. But some of us are relying on memory that is stored up from the past and are not processing new information. Our minds literally haven't been pushed to think a new creative thought for months and we become creatures of our past. And when that happens and it does for many we stop becoming who we might have been.

I was challenged by these thoughts in a book by Mark Batterson, called Primal. I long to be a lifelong learner and to grow as I age, so that I can do new things for Jesus. The minute we stop using our minds it begins to atrophy. So today, I sit at my desk and dig in writing my sermon, while taking in new information, so that I will not limit what Jesus had intended me to learn. Besides, I want to live to the redemptive potential he created me to live at. And I have a ton more to learn about my God!

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