Saturday, December 11, 2010

before we even said a word she said...

This morning after doing a community blitz with our Church we headed to IHOP for a late brunch. We were still decked out in our blue-crew sweatshirts from Grace. Our waitress walked to our table and said this; "I love that church!"

Wow, talk about an opening to engage someone in conversation. She told us that she was a single mom and was going through a rough stretch and had to go to the hospital a while back. She didn't have anyone to watch her kids while she was in the hospital. But her friend who attended Grace said she would put the need on our info line to see if anyone would help her.

Well, 4 different individuals stepped up and watched her kids around the clock until she was released from the hospital. She also told us that during that stretch she was unable to work and wasn't sure how to make up for lost income. During that time a man from Grace came into the IHOP and ordered food costing $4.99 but left a $100.00 tip!

Needless to say, even though she has never been to our church, some random acts of kindness are etched in her mind and she knows that Jesus loves her and cares for her. Oh yeah, I never told her I was a pastor at Grace, but I sure was proud of my church!

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Rene said...

I Love this it brings treas to my eye that there are people in this world that are so wonderful!!!