Monday, December 27, 2010

Goshen Staff

Every person wants to be a part of a winning team. I have been blessed to be on many great teams along the way. I get to serve with a great team of pastors here at Grace. We come from Texas, Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

We have had so many good times together and have shared some incredible victories along the way. There is great chemistry between us. We pretty much are able to read each other pretty well and can react on the go.

We were given the opportunity to read the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke on Christmas Eve. Truth be known we didn't get it right until the 3rd service. Jon jumped over ten verses in the 1st service and Jeremy scrambled to find the place where Jon was at and we moved on. In the 2nd service Jeremy skipped over 6 verses and I scrambled to to keep up. We finally got it right in the 3rd service but most never knew we were scrambling in the first two services.

Winning teams are able to adjust on the fly and not miss a beat. All that to say this, I am blessed to serve with these guys even if I am the only one who tucks in his shirt!

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