Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He felt it

Breaking down the barriers... Every Sunday at Grace we provide live translation of the message. We give out devices with ear pieces for people who want to hear our message translated in Spanish. Jose Mendez pictured above is one of our translators.

He sits in a room behind stage and preaches with me, word for word, thought for thought. In order for this to happen he must feel what I am preaching so that the receiver of the message feels it too.
This past Sunday after one of our services Pastor Jeremiah walked back stage and ran into a weepy, overwhelmed Jose Mendez. Jeremiah asked him what was up. And Jose motioned with his hand that the messaged he just preached impacted his heart and then to hear that others in the congregation had trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior deeply impacted him.

In a quiet room, under dim lighting with microphones and electronic devices God was doing the same thing in Jose that he did in me as I preached. We serve a mighty God!

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