Friday, December 24, 2010

The hours before the rush

It's Christmas Eve morning and I sit here at my computer looking ahead. In 6 hours we will open our doors for 3 Christmas Eve services. My head is spinning with all the things that have to happen before Mom, Dad, Uncle Joe, co-worker Kim, once a year Pete, Billy, Skip, the Neighbor who lost their husband, the College Freshman, the Regulars, and many other people come walking in to one of our 3 services.

I love this time of year because families gather together and love on each other. I also love the magic in the air with the kids. I love Christmas music, the emphasis placed on my Savior, and the time I get to spend alone with my family.

I can't wait until tomorrow morning when I gather in my home and sit and share Christmas with my wife and kids.

But before all that I took time and walked through our empty church and prayed.Then I ended up here on the stage in front of the mural of Jesus. I asked God to open the hearts of people who will hear the Gospel tonight. I prayed for the 35 people who will be coming on a bus because an attendee wants them to be saved. I prayed for our tech team and volunteers who have put endless hours into Christmas services. I prayed that Satan would be pushed back and angels would guard the four corners of our property.

And in the end, as I sat there I felt this deep satisfaction that it is worth all the time and effort, because someone tonight and this weekend could make a decision for Jesus. And that decision to follow Jesus will impact the direction of their life forever! Thanks Jesus for coming 2000 years ago to redeem us!

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