Thursday, December 23, 2010

A story worth telling

I have been a story teller since childhood. I would sit with my siblings at night and we would tell stories. Some would have us screaming at the end when one of us would interrupt it with a shout or some other audible noise.

We had "the man with the golden arm story" and even though we knew how it ended we still dreaded hearing it again . Through the years my kids have said "Dad tell me another story." Little did I know that in those early years of childhood God was preparing me for what I do today.

Even to this day, I love to hear someone share a good story. Stories connect people together so that they can relate, remember, and understand truths better .

Jesus was a master-story teller, he talked about goats, sparrows, camels, treasure chests in fields, mustard seeds and so much more. He was able to pull people in with objects of the day and then drive a biblical truth home. We need to find ways to do this too. Fresh ways to connect the people of our world to the truths of the Gospel.

In the days ahead you will probably be in the presence of people who need to hear the real story of Christmas and the truths of the Gospel. The best story I know is your own story of how Jesus changed your life and is changing you know. Maybe you can include, Droids, Wii, P90x, Snicker-doodles, Cordless Drills, or an Orphan in Asia to drive the truth home.

If you need help there is a good story in Luke 2:1-20 that is full of hope, mystery, suspense and salvation. Go tell your story!

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