Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm checking in Dad

I keep the book for Isaiah's 6th grade Elementary basketball team. I love this spot because it keeps me close to the court and allows me to see each kid as they check into the game. I love the bounce in their step as they check in. But nothing moves me more than when my son looks up at me and says; "DAD I'm checking in for number ..."

And here is why, I know what he is feeling, I remember all the nights in the driveway shooting hoops with him, and I am so proud of him. Plus what DAD alive isn't proud to see his son check into the game instead of just being a spectator.

So during the 4th quarter after a break in the action I snapped this photo of him waiting to check in. This picture moves me because it's my boy and he is moments away from getting into the game.
Plus, Isaiah is an all-in type of player. His head is dripping with sweat and he goes head to head against his guy no matter how big he happens to be. Plus, there is just something pretty special when you look at the score book and see that he has contributed on some level to help his team.

I love the way you play the game Isaiah, you carry the Brown name with dignity!

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