Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pastors are real people

I am moved deeply as I look at this picture of Pastor Rich and Carol. As you can see it is a special moment for them. You see Ezra was on the stage singing his heart out with all the other children.

Sometimes people forget, who aren't from ministry families that we are real people too. We are dads, husbands, brothers, uncles, friends and neighbors. You see, I get to spend as much time as anybody with my pastoral staff. I love these guys and would fight to death for them and with them. I get to hear their daily struggles and daily victories. I get to hear how much they love being husbands and fathers. I get to laugh with them over things that only ministry families would understand.

I get to see how they weep over people's lives, and how they deeply care for people. I know them better then my own brothers. And I wouldn't trade these guys for anyone else. They are committed, faithful, and kind of men you want as your best friend.

All that to say this, pastors are real people who enjoy moments like this one above as their kids sing their little hearts out to Jesus. Love you guys!

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