Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I snapped this photo off of our two of our teammates this year after I had made it through the shake down point at airport security. I'm not sure how I got away with the picture because other teammates were pulled aside and were just about locked up when they snapped a photo on a recent trip. Anyway, something abnormal happens to people when they get to this block of space.

Regardless of how carefully you have packed your stuff in 3 ounce containers, pulled every piece of metal out of your being, placed your laptop in the tray, unhooked your belt, and dropped your Mentos and Blistex in the tray along with the fur balls, your mind still goes into hyper drive. And the pressure of Bob breathing down your back from behind or super cop waiting on the other side with his magic wand, or the lady in front with the shopping cart you can still become rattled!

Through the years I have watched people respond in pressure situations over and over again and carry a calmness that is refreshing. I honestly believe it begins in the mind. If we do not take our thoughts captive we will resort to temporary insanity. All that to say this, pressure situations can not be totally eliminated but wrong thoughts can, if we talk to ourselves instead of listen to ourselves.

It's time we live by taking our minds back and remove the lies that have crept in! I guarantee you that when you do you will have time to snap a picture on the other side, slip a Mentos in your mouth while stepping over the man who is frantically pulling up his drawers!

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