Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As I ran by this spot on a run this week, I snapped this shot off. The word "NO" really makes me want to say yes. There is something inside of us that rears up when a "NO" sign appears. Instead of keeping us away it can draw us in and ask the question "WHY?"

Maybe it is the risk taking part in us? Maybe it is the side of us that doesn't want to be reigned in? Maybe it is curiosity? Maybe it is because the DNA has been passed down to us from the beginning to go where we shouldn't go?

As we were reading the Bible together as a family at the supper table last night, we saw where Adam and Eve had complete access to anything in the garden. Everything was perfect and there was only one tree they were not supposed to eat from. Seriously, they could eat everywhere except from this tree. What was it that caused them to be drawn to it? The only "NO" sign in the garden was too much to resist!

From that decision comes the DNA to do what they did. And for the rest of our lives we will battle these kind of signs. Well, I'm glad common sense kicked in, and grateful that was passed down too. Running from the "No" signs today!

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