Monday, January 31, 2011

small towns

I live in a small town and just love it. 15 years ago after graduating from Seminary we became residents of New Paris Indiana. We didn't know much about the town or the people for that matter. But we were so excited to dig in and make it our new home.

As we look back now, we are so very grateful that God placed us here. We have grown to become real New-Parisites...

One of the fun things about New Paris is Jim's Store. It is a staple of New Paris and it has become a regular stopping place for my kids on Mondays after School. You see one of the many traditions built into our routine is for me to pick up our kids from New Paris Elementary School and on our way home I give them a buck and they buy something fun to eat. I have done this with each of my kids through the years and today I dropped off Isaiah.

In a world that runs at a hectic pace regularly, a brief stop at a general store in a small town, gives me a chance to press pause and take a breath! Praising God for his hand in placing us in New Paris!

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