Monday, February 21, 2011


From time to time in our lives we must pull away and make adjustments with our lives. If we continue to do the same thing we will get the same result. If you find yourself getting beat up with the routines of life then call timeout and adjust your game plan.

As a basketball fan I enjoy watching coaches make adjustments at halftime against their opponents. The beginning of the third quarter in my mind reveals the basketball intelligence of a coach. He has made a lot of adjustments along the way in the first half but at halftime he can sit his team down and get their undivided attention to his game scheme to make up ground or stay on top.

Over the years I have watched great coaches change the defensive or offensive scheme at half and said now that is good coaching.

I encourage you today to take an honest look at your life and make some adjustments because too much is at stake for you to get beat on the scoreboard. Adjust today as I did with our team on Saturday and number 25 Isaiah takes it all in.

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