Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lets face it

This Sunday we faced the reality that people struggle with Depression in the winter, more then any other season. I took time to address it head on and gave a battle plan on how to fight back.

In light of that we set aside one service a year and have a winter beach bash. Yes, we had lots of fun, worship, some fun games, brats, steaks, and a message from God's Word on Depression.

There were many creative art moments in the service. Pastor Jeremiah had a great idea of making our own Just Dance Video that we could dance to while we sang. So he grabbed one of our own guys, David Myers and asked him to make a dance for the song. It was outstanding and it was home grown here at Grace. (see above photo) ... Walt Anderson made the video and then on Sunday we got to sing and dance together.

We opened our service with a fun wipe-out rendition and followed it up with an amazing drum special.

I have had numerous conversations with people who were blessed by the events of the day! Lets face it, this was not something we do every week, but I know it encouraged people and let them walk away with hope in Jesus!

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