Wednesday, February 9, 2011

breaking stubborn hearts

Something happens to a person when they receive encouragement. I have witnessed it personally many times. It can be the very thing that drives you to finish the task at hand.

God has designed us to be relational and when we encourage another human being with our words and actions a new hope is injected into their veins. Plus the very word has the root word COURAGE in it. So we are putting courage into another human being.

In a world that can recieve criticism, fault, and discouragement from every venue, a dose of encouragement can boost a person like no other action. And the heart of the person giving it remains soft and pliable to God.

As I was running a marathon a few years back, at the 13 mile mark my family injected a big dose into my veins and that courage helped me finish the race. The high fives were exactly what I needed.

Plus, the Bible says that those that give it regularly keep themselves from getting deceived by sin and getting stubborn hearts. Both sides win, the giver and receiver of encouragement.

Encourage each other every day while you have the opportunity if you do this, none of you will become decieved by sin and become stubborn. Hebrews 3:13 GW

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