Thursday, February 10, 2011

The good stuff

Every Father longs to see the good stuff get passed down to their children. We only get so much time to influence our kids and then we release them to make their own adult decisions. Truth be known there is a also a side to us that we pray doesn't get passed down.

As I have been walking through this legacy series I am struck by the enormity of this generational baton that I am carrying. I long for the hand off to be loaded with godly characteristics so that my kids have a lead in the race of life.

Recently I was impacted by reading through Genesis and how Isaac was willing to follow through with his Dad's desire to sacrifice him. I was blown away that Isaac's faith allowed him to lay on the altar until God intervened and provided an animal sacrifice. Isaac had unusual faith to trust God like that. Plus imagine the faith of Abraham as he placed him there.

The photo above is where I demonstrated that truth for an illustration, by having Josh strap wood on his back. I will never forget that moment because it leveled me when I realized how much faith both father and son had.
I long that we as fathers pass that kind of faith onto our children, where they are willing to do whatever God desires and then follow through and trust him.

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