Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It is good for the soul

Laughter levels the playing field. It connects people of all ages and shakes off the blahs of the day. I am convinced that a healthy dose of laughter each day brings healing to the soul.

I encourage you today, to stop and ask yourself this question, am I enjoying this life that God has given me and does my face reflect that? I realize that we must live as responsible followers of Jesus and there are times to seriously live our days. But many do not take time to enjoy the life they have been given and others feel guilty if they do.

I love this picture above it reminds me of a moment this summer where we were able to break free from the rigors of life, to refresh, laugh, and cut loose as a family.

Besides, the Bible says: The one enthroned in heaven laughs Psalm 2:4

1 comment:

MarlaMae said...

Oh, yes, He does! Jim, thanks for reminding people that God WANTS us to be joyful...even in our sorrow!