Monday, March 28, 2011

get the man

One of the core values at Grace Community has always been to reach the man with the Gospel of Jesus. I firmly believe that if you reach the man, you get the family and when you get the  family you can reach the community and when you reach the community you reach the world!

Our Church is loaded with women and men. But, I  make a concerted effort to go after the men and challenge them to lead their wives, families and communities. Our ministries are loaded with men too. I have often said that our children's ministries are blessed because we have as many incredible god-loving women as we do men serving in them. This gives the children the chance to have Jesus as a Shepherd and Jesus as a Warrior influence.

I am convinced that for too long the church has tried to reach the man in an incorrect way. Men need a challenge and an adventure, something that pulls the best out of them and an environment of freedom to come alive.

Yesterday our Church received the men's ministry award in our fellowship of churches from CE National. While I am not one to toot our horn, I am proud of the way our men at Grace love Jesus and love their wives, families and serve God. Great job men may we always be a church that raises up tender warriors!

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