Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only God Could do this

Okay you are about to read about a total God-thing. This morning I had the privilege to bury a friend of mine(Corky McBride) . Yes he was a good friend and  I just happened to be his pastor.

He was a great father, husband and servant of Jesus. Anyhow, during his last days of life when he could barely walk, yet alone breathe, he was still sharing his faith in Jesus Christ. He spent his last days in the  hospital in a  room on the 2nd floor and he had a nephew (pictured above) on the 4th floor recovering from major leg surgery.

Corky wanted to see this nephew get saved so he drug his IV stand and crept up to the 4th floor to tell him about Jesus. Corky told me that if his death meant that his nephew got saved then his death would not be wasted. Needless to say he longed to see his Nephew trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.

After the service today this nephew made a bee-line for me outside and said , "Sir I am that nephew you talked about in the service and today I surrendered my life to Jesus when you gave people a chance to do so!" Okay, after I picked myself off the ground I just thanked Jesus. So as we arrived to the grave site after all the ceremonies were wrapping up, I told everyone that Corky's final wish came true and his nephew was saved. I have never experienced anything like that as people emoted joy from their voices, eyes, and hands. Only God Can do that! I wonder if Corky was able to see his name written in the Lambs Book of Life as he walked the streets of heaven?

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jen said...

2 words- tears and wow.