Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heavenly reunion

This week I have witnessed two Fathers and Husbands pass away. One died after a diagnosis of Cancer and a 2 month struggle (Corky pictured above). The other died unexpectantly in his sleep. Both were in their 40's.

It really gives you a greater appreciation of time you have left with your family. It screams do it now with them, don't wait!

As I was reflecting back on Corky's life pictured above, I recalled this moment in our past. On a Sunday morning we asked those who wanted to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior to come and a cross a line on the stage. Well, Curtis pictured above was in a wheel chair and his wife began pushing him towards the front but she couldn't get him up on the stage. Some men picked up the wheel chair and Corky pushed him across the line. How fitting is this picture, because Curtis passed away a few years ago and now Corky gets to meet him in Heaven.

Now that will be a heavenly reunion, one pushed him there, the other one is now waiting to welcome him home.

I miss You guys!

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MarlaMae said...

...beautiful...I miss you, too, Corky!