Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When was the last time you

So when was the last time you built a snow fort with men and were asked to defend it? I mean it was so much fun watching grown men protect their walls.

We took time in our retreat to play in the snow and it was a hoot. Men from all walks of life, pulled human dog sleds, joined in at tug of war and made potato guns. I loved being part of this as we set aside time to fight for each other.

I am convinced that this part of our weekend opened men up and allowed them to be vulnerable and honest in our small group times. Besides when is the last time you pulled another team through a snow wall at tug of war and wrestled a grown man to the ground. Plus the honest confession of sins in our Saturday session was something I will never forget. There was great healing and repentance that took place on Saturday.

I was tackled many times but I got my share of hits in too as I knocked men off the sleds. Great way for men to fully live
! Look at some of the faces of the men they are having a hoot!

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