Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Sunglasses

Every person needs sunglasses at some point in their week. They are a necessity and can be a luxury. Sunglasses also can be a fashion statement.

Every year at Grace we have an annual Easter Egg Hunt for our Community. We do it on Easter Sunday (and no we don't worship the easter bunny) after our third service. We have thousands of people who attend this event and many of those choose to worship with us too. We also try to reach as many kids as possible on that day. So in order to do that we give the teens a chance to hunt something too.

We have dropped basketballs, Old Navy Flip Flops from helicopters and many other items. This year we are dropping Designer Sunglasses from a fire engine ladder truck.
The Sunglasses came in today and they really rock. All kinds of brands and lots of choices. They will be individually wrapped in a cardboard tube along with some cash prizes.

Teens will be able to get some of the coolest shades around.

Scott and Pastor Jeremy grabbed a pair for themselves and modeled them for us. The  first photo pictured above are yours truly. So why do we do this along with 25,000 eggs on our property? Because we want to rub shoulders with people and bridge a relationship which could ultimately lead them to finding Jesus!

Plus it is a fun way to show the community that we love them. Looking forward to this day!

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