Sunday, April 3, 2011

soles for souls

This morning we began a new series called "Give." I led us through passages talking about what the Bible has to say about helping the needy in our world. As we got to the end of the service after looking at the needs in our world I challenged people to consider giving their shoes, so that the shoeless people in Japan could have some.

What took place next was nothing short of miraculous as people came and gave the shoes they wore that  morning.
Young and old gave their shoes. Our auditoriums were loaded with shoes and people left the service in their stocking feet.
I asked people to pray over their shoes as they dropped them off on the stage.
After 3 services there were hundreds probably a couple thousand pairs of shoes by the time we closed our services. My inbox is loaded with stories. Needless to say It was a deeply moving morning as we saw God move.

I can't wait to see and hear the rippling effects of this morning in the weeks ahead! I love my church!

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