Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Someone has to

Right now in our world a person will die every two seconds. You do the math, that is a lot of human beings. Before this day ends 43,000 people will walk off planet earth. The large majority will not be ready for what is in store for them.

As I was driving to Chicago last week I snapped this photo off and I wondered how many people in this city are prepared for eternity. We passed thousands of cars and thousands of people as we traveled that day. Then we sat in a stadium full of thousands of baseball fans, and I wondered who will tell them the truth about their future?

Today a burden is beating heavy in my chest as I think of all the people who aimlessly walk through each day trying to live for the weekend or find temporary happiness in power, possessions, and privileges. I long to see people find the hope, joy, and confidence that I have on the other side of death. Maybe we have spent way too much time arguing about the method of  salvation and let it stifle our passion and effort to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus wept over the city! 

But how can people call for help if they don't know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven't heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them? Romans 10:14-15

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