Thursday, April 14, 2011

world class leader

There are few people in our world who get that label from me. Let me introduce one of these men to you. Pictured above and standing is Savorn Ou he is a world class leader.

You won't find his picture on the front of Time Magazine, CNN will probably never interview him, he will most likely not be a Key-Note Speaker at Catalyst (though he should be), and he is not a familiar household name.

Yesterday my wife and I, along with a member from our Church made a four hour trek to Columbus Ohio to spend 120 minutes with him. And here is why, he is the National Director of Asia's Hope in Cambodia. He is on the front lines of rescuing orphans in our world and he is leading leaders.

My friendship came as a result of us building two Orphanages in Asia with this ministry. I left that meeting empowered, encouraged, and a better leader because of the time spent with him. So today I give Savorn the props he deserves, because he  will probably never get on a grand stage in our world. Yet there will be a day when he will hear "Well Done thy good and faithful Servant." The world is a better place because of you Savorn and your dear wife Sony!


Kaillie said...

So true. Thank you for posting this. i'm am so encouraged to see the Lord work through all of you. Thank you for loving the least of these and loving on those kiddos. Keep going!!

Terry and Juli Waggoner said...

Savorn Ou, Thanks for being a world changer for our Lord and Saviour! James 1:27