Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We are regularly bombarded with the need for more. Products scream at us that they are better, faster,flashier, and whatever! Yet do we really need a new gadget to truly be satisfied?

After 8 days in the Last Frontier of Alaska without any wired technology, I would say no to that statement. Time away like this gives one a new appreciation for God's masterwork and opens one's eyes to the real satisfaction of quietness, creation, and the sounds of the wild.
Each day offered a a fresh painting from God. It was as if God was saying true satisfaction can be found in me and my canvas of paint.

I spent many hours each day just viewing life through binoculars and life on the end of the glasses whispered peace, tranquility and satisfaction!
Besides, this was the view from our makeshift outhouse. Even it offered a breathtaking perspective. My Heart is alive and well after this time away and now I need to make some much needed changes so that I do not become a slave to man's technology.

Seriously, have you become a slave to technology and the need for more when true satisfaction is at the tip of your corneas?

Simplicity is my choice.  A tent, a rolling mountain, some fresh shrimp, an eagle soaring by, an otter carrying her babies while swimming, an avalanche on the nearby hillside, a warm fire, mouth and ears for communication, a dead black bear and the whispers of God saying I love you!

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