Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alaska recap

 As many of you know I love the outdoors and get refreshed in God's creation. I was able to spend 8 days in Alaska on a black bear hunt. We flew into Anchorage Alaska and drove to Whittier and hopped on a boat for a boat ride to Prince William Sound.

On Wednesday night I was able to bag this bear. Needless to say I was incredibly excited as my 30-06 zeroed in on him. I must admit I prayed a quick prayer asking God to guide the bullet.
I spent each night in this tent with Randy Cammenga. My front room was this view and it was absolutely beautiful. We had 21 hours of light each day and it was breathtaking to wake each morning to this view.
Sam Armington blessed me with this trip and has been a guide to Alaska for many years. Sam is an attendee of my church. We had so many good moments enjoying God's creation. It was also great man time!
Randy and I on many occasions throughout the week would stop and remind ourselves that we were in Alaska, Bear hunting, followed by a high five. Everywhere you looked it was post card material. Randy also bagged a bear and we both thoroughly celebrated those moments.
This is my bear before we skinned it and hauled in out of the woods. I'm sure you heard the hoot I yelled when finding him.
This picture really captures how my soul felt as I woke each morning. A week without any cellphone, Internet is good for the soul. Plus seeing killer whales, otters, seals and eagles made me feel like I jumped into the middle of discovery channel.

Pictures will never capture what I experienced this past week, but the new breath of fresh air in my soul is evident!

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