Thursday, June 23, 2011

inside out

Yes we burn our garbage daily and yes we recycle too. Every few months the drum gets to a point where it is completely rusted through and can no longer hold trash. When that happens we get  new drum.

So after receiving this drum there was leftover lacquer in the bottom and I needed to burn it out before I placed trash in it. While I was burning it. the drum began to smoke from the inside out and thus this is the picture.

I had to get rid of the junk on the inside before it could be used for its intended purpose. Another interesting dynamic took place as I was burning it from the inside out all the labels that were attached on the outside  fell off during the process and the drum was stripped down to it's original condition.

I wonder how many of us could use a good hot fire to strip us down to our intended and original purpose in life?

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