Friday, June 24, 2011

What really matters

If you hang out with me long enough you will hear me say this, "everything you do is connected to a relationship." With that in mind as we arise each morning to do our tasks for the day it gives a greater value to the things that seem mundane.

So at the end of the day as I reflect back on it, I can see people at the end of transactions, meetings, gas stations, jobs etc. God has placed us here to connect others to him. He has made us to be relational. So whether we are closing a deal, painting a car, assembling an RV, or purchasing bread and milk, we must be mindful that God has put us in contact with people.

Last night as we wrapped up our season I snapped this photo off of Isaiah and Joey, because it captures the essence of this belief. Wins and losses do not matter at this moment it is the friendship and relationship that will last way beyond this season.

I wish this reality could be ingrained into the heart and soul of every person. It could change the way we view life and people and would make that cashier, clerk, boss, coach who is having a bad day and seems to be in our way, a lot more valuable!

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